– A Technology and Productivity Blog to the Glory of God

The last thing the world needs is another tech blog. Seriously.

So why am I creating one?

Because I believe that there is an essential component missing in today’s amazing landscape of blogs, podcasts, books, courses, and discussions on the ever-changing, and always interesting areas of technology and productivity. What’s missing?


See, I have a bit of a dual identity. On one side, I am a pastor. I preach and teach the Bible at my home church, I serve, help, clean up, set up, counsel, administrate, and do all the things that go along with being a pastor today.

On the other side, I am a geek. I love technology, productivity, and WordPress. I love the Mac, iOS devices, and software. Oh, how I love software (more on in later posts). When I should probably be reading John Piper or Dallas Willard, I find myself reading David Allen or quoting Peter Drucker. My favorite podcasts range from Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology, to Mac Power Users, to WP Builds to Stand to Reason.

I used to think that my two worlds (my theological world and my tech/productivity world) were utterly separate interests. It turns out, they are complementary partners.

The reason I love technology and productivity so much is that they accelerate, improve or in some way enhance the truth of the Biblical worldview and the spread of the gospel. They take eternal truths and present them in fresh ways for our modern context.

Truths without tools means people are not reached when they could be. But tools without truths means we learn amazing skills but it that don’t ultimately transform lives for eternity.

I want to teach everything that I know and share everything that I love in the realm of technology and productivity but do with the ultimate question in mind:

What makes this awesome and how can it be used to the glory of God?

Interested? Let’s dive deep together.