Ideal State - 2019 - Season 2: (Apr - Jun)

I am someone who takes care of myself well because I know that in order to truly serve others and make the most of this life that God has given to me, I need to be healthy in every way, and I am. My body is lean and fit, I have a doable exercise routine in place and I am always getting stronger. I have healthy self-talk habits and feed myself positive ideas every day. I have space to breathe and reflect. My connection to God is strong and sweet because of my strong prayer life and actively seeking God in all that I do every day. I fight to make time with God because I know how valuable it is. I delight to be in the presence of God regularly. I enjoy life, play, go to concerts, play tennis and know how to get sufficient rest. I protect my sleep and get to bed early, knowing that good sleep is the foundation of a healthy routine, and it sets me up to be at my best every day. I am constantly learning. I love learning and sharing what I learn. I have a regular reading routine set up as well as making most of the small slivers of time that life gives me to read and learn. I have clear boundaries around the things that distract me the most and they don't interfere with the more important time that I spend diving deep into a book, podcast or course. Every year I continue to grow in my knowledge, wisdom and skills.

I love to serve others and build them up. It is my joy. I am proactive to seek the benefit and well-being of others, and to celebrate and encourage them. I know that relationships are what make life its very richest and I am intentional to add value to other's lives every day, however I can. I look people in the eye and smile, hoping to connect with them and make them feel noticed and valuable. My primary focus goes to my family, first Heidi, then Marley and Blaise. I am to give them the best of myself as much as I can. I am a good friend. I am someone who is known to call on birthdays, check in and connect without needing a reason, and send people notes of encouragement regularly. I have developed rich, life-long relationships with people at Heritage and seek to bless them however I can. I am someone who is on the lookout to build people up and add value to their lives. I am to be fully present with anyone that God brings my way, and I am known as someone who is positive, fun, encouraging and generous with their time and attention. When people spend time with me, they feel heard and understood. I am someone that others experience the love of Christ through, and someone who makes others feel and experience the value and worth that God has given them.

I make Heritage a better place. I help others know and love their Bibles better, and in doing so, know and love God deeper. I have invested years into helping our people go deeper in Christ. My mid-week Bible Study is a place where people truly connect with each other and with God. People really learn the Word of God in rich and dynamic ways and experience His love for them through my teaching. Apart from teaching and discipling, I am always contributing to our church needs however I can. Our systems allow us to serve our people with excellence and I regularly help make them better. People see me as some who always adds value. I am example of someone who has a sharp mind, a tender heart, a hard work ethic and positive, joyful spirit. is thriving! All of the course content I have ever built is on there to bless the church. It is the portfolio of my life's work and it used by people all over the world as a way to get access to engaging, high-quality biblical training that is not available in quite the same way anywhere else. People love my Bible courses. They go through them, share them, and my teaching ministry has been able to bless people I have never met because of them. My YouTube and Vimeo channels are active, and I constantly get emails and comments of how people appreciate my teaching content. It is the legacy of a lifetime of teaching God’s Word made available for anyone to benefit from. I am regularly adding new content and keeping the site updated and maintained. is the home for everything I want to share that is not Bible-related. It has my full archive of Life Plans, a Blog that contains my thoughts, reflections and tutorials over the years. It is the legacy of everything that I have learned and loved about life made available for others to enjoy and benefit from. Apart from my Life Plan and Blog, it contains a full timeline of our lives. All photos and videos from our life have been uploaded and organized so that we can go back to any point in our lives to reflect and reminisce on God's goodness in our story. My friends and family are incredibly blessed to be able to find and enjoy our life's memories there. My site is up-to-date and I am great about make sure it always has fresh content. The tools that drive my creativity are essential to me and I am an expert at using them. These software applications are incredible tools that help me advance the kingdom of God through my website. Whether it is WordPress, Final Cut Pro, Lightroom or any other essential app, I am continually learning and improving my skills to become better. My Apple devices and my mastery of these creative apps that I love allow me to reach people and create things that I could never do on my own, and thus bless God and others. Creativity is an essential outlet for my soul, and every week I get quality time work on creative projects that bring me joy.

All of my life systems at home are in great shape, both digital and physical. Our house is organized and only has things that we need and use. We regularly donate things that we no longer need and we know where everything that we have is located. Our weekly routine keeps the house clean, organized, stocked and optimized to offer us the best quality of life possible. All of my digital files are organized, searchable and backed up. All of my media, projects and documents are in place and optimized. I have an established routine for life planning and reflection that keeps me on track for the kind of life that I want to have. My life plan is updated quarterly, and my weekly and daily journals help me stay focused on the most important things that God has for me. My tasks, projects and commitments are well-managed. They allow me to zoom back and review all areas of my life so I can make the wisest choices possible with my time and attention. My intentional approach to life allows me to and remain joyful knowing that it allows me my best energy and effort to give the most important things in life. I love having my systems in order, but my peace does not come from perfect systems, it comes from Christ. My life systems are a means to help me accomplish my best potential in life in Christ and to be fully present to what is before me each day.