Big Goal for This Year - 2019 - Season 3: (Jul - Sep)

I will be significantly more fit and strong than I was at the beginning of 2019. I will have lost weight, built muscle and developed a consistent routine of workouts and healthy eating. I will also improve my self-talk and overall awareness of the nearness of God.

I will have made significant progress at intentional relationship building. I will have mailed numerous personal notes, and we will have scheduled and attended events or date nights with people that we want to get to know better, as well as people we already love being with.

I will have taught through the entire book of Hebrews at Heritage, finished the loose ends of all other courses that I have already begun on, and begun creating the online course for Hebrews as well as constantly share content from my website.

I will have added all of my Life Plan archives to, and I will have updated my timeline for all events in 2019 back through 2017.

We will have sold the Ranch and invested our money with Scott, as well as made Joshua Drive our own, completely remodeling the inside. I will have stayed true to keeping my Maintenance Days and developed a regular routine of solid productivity and margin.