Life Account:


Objective: Pursuing the Best Version of Myself


Context: Self Care: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Rest, Fun, Margin

Context: Learning: Personal Growth, Productivity, Ministry, Technology

Ideal State

I am someone who takes care of myself well because I know that in order to truly serve others and make the most of this life that God has given to me, I need to be healthy in every way, and I am. My body is lean and fit, I have a doable exercise routine in place and I am always getting stronger. I have healthy self-talk habits and feed myself positive ideas every day. I have space to breathe and reflect. My connection to God is strong and sweet because of my strong prayer life and actively seeking God in all that I do every day. I fight to make time with God because I know how valuable it is. I delight to be in the presence of God regularly. I enjoy life, play, go to concerts, play tennis and know how to get sufficient rest. I protect my sleep and get to bed early, knowing that good sleep is the foundation of a healthy routine, and it sets me up to be at my best every day. I am constantly learning. I love learning and sharing what I learn. I have a regular reading routine set up as well as making most of the small slivers of time that life gives me to read and learn. I have clear boundaries around the things that distract me the most and they don't interfere with the more important time that I spend diving deep into a book, podcast or course. Every year I continue to grow in my knowledge, wisdom and skills.

Big Goal for This Year

I will be significantly more fit and strong than I was at the beginning of 2019. I will have lost weight, built muscle and developed a consistent routine of workouts and healthy eating. I will also improve my self-talk and overall awareness of the nearness of God.

Beginning Status

NEGLECTED The last season was an absolute doozie! At the beginning of Season 2 we were very consistent with getting up and working out, getting to bed at a reasonable time and eating fairly well. However once Glenn died and the estate transition went underway and summer arrived, many of our routines went out the window, and with them the healthy habits that we had been maintaining. As I enter season 3, I am a month late in getting to updating my Life Plan, I haven't worked out at all in over a month, haven't really read or studied anything with any consistency, and we have been through an intense and exhausting last couple months, so we are feeling very tossed around.

Staying on Track and Celebrating Progress

AT FIRST, THEN NOT SO MUCH: We definitely started off well, but as as soon as the summer came around, and everything that we had to manage became active, it became very difficult to get to the gym. Once our routine was disrupted, we have been fighting to get it back. As I write this, I haven't been to the gym in over a month, my spiritual life is ok but could really use some replenishment and investment and my Learning has been not bad, but sporadic. I never joined WeightWatchers and continually resist it even though I probably should do it.

Main Focus

Re-establish my healthy routine of getting to bed early, getting up and working out, actively pursuing God's presence and being more intentional about my reading and learning.

Specific Commitments

Make sure to arrange my evenings so I can get to bed between 9:30 and 10:00, choose a realistic time to read each day, prioritize time to read each day as well as listening to Scripture with Dwell.


Lord, help me to feel near to you again, dwell daily in your word and delight in you every day as my heart's treasure