Life Account:


Objective: Creating and Publishing Content Regularly


Context: Timeline, Blog, Courses and Personal Posts

Context: Creative Apps: WordPress, Final Cut Pro, Lightroom, SmugMug, Vimeo

Ideal State

• Everything that I teach and prepare at Heritage becomes an online course at My courses are organized, easy to access, and enjoyable for my students. I regularly share content on my blog and social media, and my website is known as a rich, high-quality Bible teaching resource. I am able to reach people and teach people who I will never meet because of this website, and therefore extend the gospel and the kingdom of God further than I could ever go in person.
• My personal blog is my life archive of two things: 1) Singing the praise of others and how awesome they are and 2) My best thinking on productivity and tech as it relates to living a more intentional and proactive life. I have poured years and years of love and care into my website and blessed hundreds of people with my personal, thoughtful blog posts about them. It is a true act of service to others and joy to me to be able to share publicly the virtues and value of others. It draws people to the goodness of God in an indrect way. Also, my online courses on Life Planning and intentional living have reached people all over the world. God has used my website to advance his kingdom in ways I never could have expected.
• is my complete life archive on SmugMug. All of my photos, videos and written memories are here as a resource to myself of others for looking back on our lives and seeing the great things that God has done. My galleries, timeline and portfolio are complete, organized, updated and beautiful. It is easy for my friends and family to find what they need quickly, while still being private and protected. I notify the appropriate people whenever I post new content that would bless them.
• Clients & Local Sites: I have a strealined local web development workflow. I can spin up new sites with ease and deploy them effectively. I regular practice and test themes, plugins and workflows locally to optimize my web skills. If I decide to take on or keep clients, I serve them with excellence, even though growing my client base is not my goal. I have a lean, consistent stack of tools that helps me deliver the very best web experience to whoever, I build websites for.

Big Goal for This Year

Update and re-publish Spiritual Formation, Evidence for the Resurrection, The Complete Bible Overview, publish Philippians and create and publish Things 3 courses by the end of the year

Beginning Status

SOME PROGRESS, BUT STILL NEEDING WORK None of my 3 websites are where I want them to be yet, however I have made some good progress on each of them. I have changed the direction of to be more about personal blog posts, and I have also begun my course on Things 3 and Life Planning. I made my first post about Heidi which was so incredibly cool, and I can't wait to write more. I am feeling good that I have at least got started on my blog and course. Good Stuff. is still in the works on a separate staging site where I have rebuilt my site using GeneratePress, my courses using LifterLMS. I have much to do, but I am stil glad that I decided to pause and shift gears, structurally. Though it has halted my progress, I know this was the right decision, and I am looking forward to getting my courses back up and running soon. It feels like a lot of "unfinished" but I know that once I sit down and focus on it, it will go quickly. I decided to re-do my Evidence for the Resurrection course visuals, and that has also added to the pile. has not gotten much love at all. I am mostly done with 2017, but there is still much to do. I am choosing to pause this site right now until I get the others updated.

Staying on Track and Celebrating Progress

• Have started the process of rec-creating my courses using LifterLMS and I have created all of the courses and lesson structure.
• Updated the look and feel of my site, re-focused my blog towards others and set up my course structure for my Things 3 course
• Published some more 2017 content, but not that much. Pretty behind still!
• Clients & Local Sites: Valet is awesome, but I still need to set up my local blueprint with GeneratePress and plugins all set up with the database

Main Focus

Re-launch EFTR, SF, and TCBO series courses. I want to be in the process of creating videos for Philippians (at church) and Things 3 (at home), as well as have all written content finished for my Things course

Specific Commitments

• Republish all of my old courses (EFTR, SF, TCBO) and begin working on Philippians
• Write 5 personal blog posts, and get all of the written content done for Things 3 Course
• After I get caught up on my other sites, I want to get back to my personal archive of photos and videos
• Clients & Local Sites: Bill AnDek Staffing and Rainbow for maintenance, and finish dialing in my local Valet setup


Father may my websites be tools for training and equipping others to know You more deeply and savor you more fully.

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