Life Account:


Objective: Keeping my Life Systems Updated and Optimized


Context: Household: Finances, Groceries, Laundry, Paperwork, Projects, Cleanliness

Context: GTD: Apps, Files, Planning, Review, Calendar, Email and Projects

Ideal State

• Budget & Investing: My budget is dialed in. I have an accurate representation of all the expenses in our life and I update our budget every day with new transactions. Each month I create a new budget and we regularly have money left over because we track what we spend and know the state of our money at all times. Our investments are well structured and we save each month within them. Though they are managed by Trilogy, we are able to understand how they are doing. We have no debt and live on less than we make every month. All important areas of savings are accounted for and our money allows us to take care of our responsibilities, as well as give generously to others.
• Email & Messaging: I am good at responding to people and staying connected, even though it is just text-based communication. I give and receive help in Slack, Facebook and elsewhere because the internet allows me to reach others that I will never meet. I keep my email inboxes at 0 each week and respond to others in a timely manner. I have regular, weekly time to devote to responding to people and I see that as a way of serving them and staying connected to them.
• Tasks, Projects & Calendar: My Life Accounts are organized and well-structured in Things. Every important area within my life accounts has a home and all thoughts pertaining to that area live there and only there. I have a great system for capturing and processing information and action items. I don’t miss appointments or deadlines because I have a streamlined system for staying on top of all of my commitments. Knowing I have everything accounted for in my systems gives me great peace and allows me to focus intently on what’s best next.
• Writing & Blogging: I am a writer and a thinker, as well as a course builder. All of my ideas are captured and organized in Ulysses so that I don’t miss any kind of good idea whenever it strikes. I regularly review my ideas and create blog posts out of them. I am well versed in what makes a great blog post and I implement best practices whenever I write. My writing is a blessing to others because it is full of life and well-crafted.
• Information Archives: All of the information that I save for reference or archive is organize in DEVONthink and easily searchable. I have an archive of all types of information and I can get to it quickly whenever I need. All information is organized in an easy-to-scan structure and is complete with every kind of information we may need (receipts, web pages, invoices, scanned paperwork, etc).
• Files, Drives & Backup: All of my files are where they need to be. I have a streamlined system of file-management that is automated and clear and all kinds of files are organized and backed up. All of my backups are current and complete.
• Apps & Devices: My devices are updated, clean and organized. Whether it is my home or work iMac, my iPhone or iPad or a device of a family member, it is set up appropriately. My apps are updated and organized, as well and I have all the apps I need.
• Home Videos: I am great a capturing video through out our lives, and equally great at processing, organizing and sharing it with friends and family. I have a complete archive of home videos living on Vimeo and shared privately on my SmugMug timeline. My Final Cut Libraries are organized and optimized.
• Photos: All of my photos are organized, processed, and edited in my Lightroom libraries. I have made them all look their best, added keywords so they are easily searchable, and have published them on SmugMug so others can find and enjoy them.
• Media: All of my movies, music, and other video and audio content is organized in iTunes and Plex. All of my media is accessible anywhere as well as updated and organized. Whether it is lectures, tennis matches or concerts, I have all of my video content, movies, audio content and music organized so that I can find and enjoy it easily.
• Weekly Household Stuff: We have established a solid system of getting groceries on Sundays, laundry on Thursdays and paperwork processing and scanning on Fridays, as well as any other maintenance items. My Friday Maintenance Day helps me stay up with the household action items each week.
• Paperwork & Info: Our mail and paperwork is processed faithful and consistently each week. We make sure to capture any action items from the week’s papers and handle them appropriately. Paper never piles up, but is regular processed, scanned, shredded and archived each week.
• House & Car Projects: We maintain our house and cars with excellence. We make sure to keep everything in our house running smoothly and set up well in all of the rooms of our house, as well as with our cars. Our household items and vehicles last a long time because we make sure to maintain them well.
• Travel & Vacations: Each year we get away to explore, serve, connect or recharge. We get away to slow down, relax and recharge on our yearly anniversary trip, we serve at City Impact and other opportunities where we can help others. We enjoy time to connect with friends and enjoy the cabin each summer and we go see new and beautiful places on our family vacations. Travel helps us enjoy God’s amazing creation, expand our experience of His amazing world and serve others outside of our community in Jesus name.

Big Goal for This Year

Live a full year of really sticking to the sytems I have in place, as well as learn more about investing than I know now, Fine tune my overall document and file management system, especially updating iTunes and Plex libraries, Finish our 3-year purging and organizing project, convert the garage into a hangout room, get the house painted and get new closets for Marley and Blaise

Beginning Status

MUCH BETTER Most areas of Information that I manage are looking good right now. My tasks and projects in Things 3 are looking better that ever. Calendar is updated almost to the end of the year, including our teaching plans and I have kept up with my budget pretty well. For the first time in a long time, I have email rules that are actually working and helping me stay on top of email a little better. Ulysses is still a bit messy, but I have used it more for writing this season than any season before. Much better start to a Season than previously. I have made some great improvements to my computer setup during Season 1. Both of my Drobos are dialed in to backup my local drives, and I have much more consistent setup of hard drives and backups across both my work and home workstations. This has really brought me much peace, because they were a mess before. My photos are still not where I would like them to be, nor my media, but at least my backups and drives are clearly organized and well set up. I have purchased a Transfer Drive for moving content back and forth, which has been great. We got a ton of photos scanned last season, and the house purging project had some big wins. It was great to finally see the first, important batch of photos scanned and digitized. We have a big construction project coming this season, but overall things in the house are looking good.

Staying on Track and Celebrating Progress

• Budget & Investing: Budget is looking good!
• Email & Messaging: So much improvement in my email
• Tasks, Projects & Calendar: Better than it has ever been
• Writing & Blogging: Great get actually writing and publishing last season. Felt great, even though it was only my first one.
• Information Archives: Made some improvement in DEVONthink, but much work remains
• Files, Drives & Backup: So much progress! Things are rocking now with my consisten drive setup, local drives and Drobos, and my Time Machine
• Apps & Devices: Looking good
• Home Videos: Not much progress
• Photos: Not much progress
• Media: Not much progress
• Weekly Household Stuff: Kept up on things well, which has served Heidi and the household consistently
• Paperwork & Info: Looking pretty good!
• House & Car Projects: Got the car fixed
• Travel & Vacations: None last season

Main Focus

Keep all of my information areas (budget, email, calendar, tasks, writing) clean and current and get Ulysses and DEVONthink cleaned up, Plan a couple weekends to go through and update my photos and home video libraries and get them cleaned out and published to SmugMug and Vimeo, Continue to meet with Kent 2x a month for photo purging and help serve during the upcoming time of construction and renovation on the house

Specific Commitments

• Budget & Investing: Don't let myself get behind on budget, and check in more often to my Trilogy dashboard
• Email & Messaging: Continue to tweak and fine tune my mail rules
• Tasks, Projects & Calendar: Keep digital and wall calendars updated with events for this season, create projects for my courses
• Writing & Blogging: Keep working on personal posts for family
• Information Archives: Plan a day to finish DEVONthink organization
• Files, Drives & Backup: Keep up with regular Dropbox file cleanout, and keeping my home and work computers in sync with the Transfer Drive
• Apps & Devices: Keep getting better at Final Cut Pro
• Home Videos: Need to plan some days to get back to work on personal media after courses are updated
• Photos: Need to plan some days to get back to work on personal media after courses are updated
• Media: Need to plan some days to get back to work on personal media after courses are updated
• Weekly Household Stuff: Keep serving and supporting my household by doing laundry, paperwork and Maintenance items on Thursdays and Fridays
• Paperwork & Info: Stay on top of scanning and filing, and kids school action items from paperwork they bring home
• House & Car Projects: Do whatever I can to help maintain the house remodel project coming up
• Travel & Vacations: Begin to plan logistics for summer trips


Father, may I manage the information of my life well because it directly relates to people and my ability to serve them well. Help me to lead my life well that I may serve others well.,

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