Life Account:


Objective: Investing in the Lives of Others


Context: Family & Friends: Heidi, Marley & Blaise, Martins, Quirks, Core Friends

Context: Church & Community: HCF Friends, Congregation, Neighbors, Homeless

Ideal State

• Serving & Loving Heidi: I know and practice my wife’s love languages of Quality Time and Acts of Service every week. I am intentional to plan date nights, and break nights for her to take care of herself. I handle many things around the house so that she doesn’t have to, and affirm my love for her every day. We have built years of trust and joy together and grow more in love with each new year of marriage.
• Raising Marley & Blaise: I am the best dad that I can be to Marley and Blaise. I am a stable, loving presence in their life who gives them both unending support and encouragement along with consistent healthy boundaries and discipline. Because of me, they have a more accurate picture of who God is. I am there for them whenever they need me, and they have no doubt that I love them with all my heart.
• Discipling Others at Heritage: People love to be around me because I help them grow in Christ. I not only teach them how to love and understand the Bible better, but actively take others into the presence of God with my speech and actions. People are better Christians and have a deeper love of God because of our interactions together.
• Connecting with Family: I am intentional to reach out and stay connected with my parents, sister, and extended family. I make significant events in their life a priority to be at and cheer them on. I text or call people on their birthdays and enjoy quality time with them during holidays. My family knows how much I love them.
• Connecting with Friends: I am a great friend. Not only am I intentional to connect consistently with my friends, but I constantly seek to improve and add value to all of my friendships by planning quality time together and making lifelong memories. I make a point to stay in touch with my most treasured friendships and pour into them regularly
• Serving my Community: I absolutely love to serve others and make it a priority. Whether it’s serving locally to benefit the homeless community in my city, doing mission trips locally or abroad or just being available to the needs of others, I am ready all the time to put my needs on pause in order that I may help someone else. I look for ways to help others every day.

Big Goal for This Year

Continue to disciple Adam into a godly leader in our church and be an intentional, Christlike example to all those around me.

Beginning Status

VERY GOOD Apart from the stressful Christmas party at my folks' house, my Relationships account has been great. Things with Heidi and I couldn't be better. The kids are doing really, both in school as well as in their overall growth. I feel like I am a stable and consistent presence in their lives, despite my flaws and failures. I have redirected the blog on my personal website to highlight the virtures of others, and it was a total thrill to publish my first post on Heidi. I still feel like I could be more aware about others overall, though especially my contribution to the homeless. We have been going to Mary's Kitchen, but I still don't feel like I am doing enough, and am too wrapped up in my own stuff.

Staying on Track and Celebrating Progress

• Serving & Loving Heidi: Continues to be strong and consistent. Had a bunch of good date nights, as well as just loving each other every day. Wrote my first blog post about how awesome she is!
• Raising Marley & Blaise: So much improvement in our screen time, not nearly the problem it was. Also, they are growing up and we are conecting in new ways. Marley's goint to CIFT has been a definite improvement in her area of struggle! Yay!
• Discipling Others at Heritage: Have continued out Sunday morning discipleship with Adam and the boys. Not met as much as I want to.
• Connecting with Family: Christmas was great, as well as Carolyn's 90th birthday celebration. Enjoyed our date night with Hailey and Jeff
• Connecting with Friends: Some plans fell through for friends nights, but hoping to make them up this Season
• Serving my Community: Went to Mary's kitchen twice, but still feel like I want to be more proactive towards the homeless

Main Focus

Support Heidi and the kids as the soccer season begins and more involved with helping the homeless in some way

Specific Commitments

• Serving & Loving Heidi: Plan 3 date nights, and be present during evenings to help with dinner and family stuff
• Raising Marley & Blaise: Continue to take and pick them up, display Christlike love and support them during this upcoming season of soccer
• Discipling Others at Heritage: Do my best to disciple the congregation with my teaching, Adam and the boys during breakfast, our home Bible Study groups and the 4-6 grade class once a month
• Connecting with Family: Write 5 blog posts about how awesome my family members are
• Connecting with Friends: Plan and enjoy date nights with Jimmy and Tiffany, Adam and Katie, and Courtney and Chrissy
• Serving my Community: Get reconnected at Isaiah House as best I can


Father, help me to see others the way that you see them. To show your love and compassion, your kind of selfless care and availability to others this season

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