Life Account:


Objective: Creating and Publishing Content Regularly


Context: Timeline, Blog, Courses and Personal Posts

Context: Creative Apps: WordPress, Final Cut Pro, Lightroom, SmugMug, Vimeo

Ideal State

My websites are a tremendous blessing to others! is used by people all over the world as a way to get access to engaging, high-quality biblical training that is not available in quite the same way anywhere else. People love my Bible courses! They go through them, share them, and my teaching ministry has been able to bless people I have never met because of them. My YouTube and Vimeo channels are active, and I constantly get emails and comments of how people appreciate my teaching content. My personal blog is filled with testimonials of how awesome others are, loads of tech and productivity tips and courses and I am seen as someone within the church who is an expert at both the teaching and tech skill sets. My memories site is updated and organized and anyone can access photos and videos from our life. All three websites are updated regularly and bless others in different ways every day.

Big Goal for This Year

Finish publishing all previously taught courses on and establish a new, regular content publishing routine. Once that is is done, then do the same for and

Beginning Status

PROGRESS! I have been putting all of my focus for the last few months on getting 2.0 launched. I have completely redesigned the site from the ground up, and am putting all of my focus on transferring and finishing past courses on to the new site so that I can move forward with new content starting in the fall. I have made great strides so far and am looking forward to getting all of the loose ends tied up this season and establishing a new publishing routine going forward. As a result, my other two sites are on hold, but I hope to get to them after I get finished from past course content.

Staying on Track and Celebrating Progress

SOME My Things 3 course is on hold until I fully get updated and caught up. I have mostly re-launched the courses that I wanted to, but still need to finish the text for previous courses. Once I finish that, I will begin the Philippians videos. Not as far as I wanted to be, but definitely made some great progress this last season.

Main Focus

By the end of Season 3 I WILL have all previous courses completely finished and be ready to start creating and publishing new content as well as getting back to creating content on my other two sites as well.

Specific Commitments

Focus hard on getting all lose ends of by mapping out all open items and working through them diligently in order until they are done, no jumping around!


Lord, help my websites accomplish the purposes for which you have placed in my heart for them: to train, to equip and bless and to savor.