Life Account:


Objective: Keeping my Life Systems Updated and Optimized


Context: Household: Finances, Groceries, Laundry, Paperwork, Projects, Cleanliness

Context: GTD: Apps, Files, Planning, Review, Calendar, Email and Projects

Ideal State

All of my life systems at home and work, digital and physical are in great shape. Our house is organized and only has things that we need and use. We regularly donate things that we no longer need and we know where everything that we have is located. My computer and mobile devices are also organized and optimized and I can find any document or piece of information quickly and easily. I have implemented systems that allow me to stay up on all of the various inputs in my life easily and I have specific times and routines to ensure that I am not letting anything fall through the cracks. My photos, movies, home videos and media are also organized and easily accessible. Because my whole life is organized and updated I can keep my focus elsewhere through out the week and keep things going well on my Maintenance days.

Big Goal for This Year

Finish updating and organizing Dropbox, DEVONthink and Plex and establish a new deep work routine of keeping my inboxes clean

Beginning Status

OK We have made tremendous strides on the house and it looks amazing! We have purged down to just the photos and videos, but haven't made much progress on those at all. I have kept up pretty well with my own personal systems, but haven't make the kind of progress going through the backlog that I had hoped. Really hoping to get to that near the end of summer so that I can start off Season 4 totally caught up and dialed in. Things are pretty good now, but with some dedicated focus I know that I can get caught up before next season. How great to be totally updated across all life systems!

Staying on Track and Celebrating Progress

SOME We haven't made much progress purging this last season like I had hoped, but we did finish the great majority of our home improvements. I have done pretty well at keeping my systems updated, but still need some time to really bust it and get caught up on those too.

Main Focus

Finish all of the nagging Maintenance items that are still open right now: my file management, DEVONthink databases, Dropbox and iCloud configurations and the garage. All of them will be updated by fall.

Specific Commitments

Plan at least two weekends of focused intensity: 1) for getting the garage done and 2) One for getting files and paperwork updated.


Lord help my contentment be in you and not in perfect systems. Lead me into balance and grace in my desire to get things neat and organized.