Life Account:


Objective: Investing in the Lives of Others


Context: Family & Friends: Heidi, Marley & Blaise, Martins, Quirks, Core Friends

Context: Church & Community: HCF Friends, Congregation, Neighbors, Homeless

Ideal State

I love to serve others. It is my joy and I am proactive to seek the benefit and well-being of others. I know that relationships make life the sweetest and I seek to be intentional to add value to other's lives. My primary focus goes to my family, first Heidi, then the kids and Grandpa. I am a good friend. I am someone who is known to call on birthdays, but also out of the blue just to check in and connect. I have developed rich, life-long relationships with people at Heritage and seek to bless them however I can. I love to serve all people, not just family and friends. I am on the lookout to help people that God brings my way and I am known as someone who is generous with their time and attention, really listening well to others and making them feel heard and understood. I am someone that others experience the love of Christ through.

Big Goal for This Year

Lead my family through 1) intentionally giving Heidi quality time and acts of service 2) Being there every day for my kids as well as discipling them in their faith and 3) Helping serve and take care of Glenn as his needs intensify

Beginning Status

SOLID Last season was great. I had my 40th birthday, I continue to have strong friendships at Heritage, and our family connection is stronger than ever. Glenn's care continues to require more and more of us, and I have been able to really partner with Heidi more directly last season than ever before. We haven't had as much quality time due to the demands of last season, but I am hoping that the summer season affords some more quality time. I have not done that well at discipling our kids but I have been a constant presence of love and support for them. I haven't really gone out of my bubble much over the last season. Haven't been to Mary's Kitchen due to soccer and other things and really missing serving. It sure was good to see so many friends and family at my birthday and was reminded of how very blessed my life is in the area of quality relationships.

Staying on Track and Celebrating Progress

YES AND NO I felt that I did my best to serve Heidi through out the crazy soccer season. I felt like we have partnered together well with that, but even more with Glenn's care. This has become a real area of Maintenance for us together and it has been rough. I didn't do any service outside of my normal routine since I let Heidi go to Mary's while I stayed back with the kids and Grandpa.

Main Focus

Enjoy the fun of summer vacations and family memories as well as church and friend gatherings. Be intentional to make time to develop deeper friendships with people we don't often hang with this summer.

Specific Commitments

Make it a point to give Heidi time for herself every week, both to work out and also to have a break from household duties. Serve Glenn as he needs, plan date nights with friends.


Lord, help me be more attuned to and discerning of the needs of others during this season. Help me to truly desire others' increasing joy before my own.