Life Account:


Objective: Keeping my Life Systems Updated and Optimized


Context: Household: Finances, Groceries, Laundry, Paperwork, Projects, Cleanliness

Context: GTD: Apps, Files, Planning, Review, Calendar, Email and Projects

Ideal State

All of my life systems at home are in great shape. Our house is organized and only has things that we need and use. We regularly donate things that we no longer need and we know where everything that we have is located. Our weekly routine keeps the house clean, organized, stocked and optimized to offer us the best quality of life possible. I have an established routine for life planning and reflection that keeps me on track for the kind of life that I want to have. My life plan is updated quarterly, my weekly and daily journals help me stay focused on the most important things and my systems both allows me to zoom back and review all areas of my life as well as make progress on my current action items. I live a purposeful, intentional life because of my routine of planning and reflection.

Big Goal for This Year

Schedule and protect weekly time for email, budgeting and paperwork, and begin to prepare for the next season of our lives (selling, moving, etc)

Beginning Status

RECOVERING: For months I was behind on everything: Budget, office, email, paperwork, they were all a mess. Slowly, though I am getting caught up, which does wonders for my soul! The margin of the last couple weeks has really begun to allow me to get back to managing things better.

Staying on Track and Celebrating Progress

With the intensifying of Glenn’s care, purging the household has been on pause so we are not where I wanted to be at this time, however, things are most definitely about to change now that he is out. We have been able to keep things together over the last season, but not make much forward progress. The rest of this season and next season will be huge in progress.

Main Focus

Begin the next stage of our lives by finishing purging the house and begin selling off and getting rid of the contents in preparation to sell the house and move next year

Specific Commitments

I will continue the practice of Maintenance days on Friday and implement Pomodoro technique for email and processing paperwork


Lord, help me to interact with you during all of my work, living and moving by the power of your Spirit working in me. Amen!