Life Account:


Objective: Investing in the Lives of Others


Context: Family & Friends: Heidi, Marley & Blaise, Martins, Quirks, Core Friends

Context: Church & Community: HCF Friends, Congregation, Neighbors, Homeless

Ideal State

I love to serve others. It is my joy and I am proactive to seek the benefit and well-being of others. I know that relationships make life the sweetest and I seek to be intentional to add value to other's lives. My primary focus goes to my family, first Heidi, then Marley and Blaise. I am a good friend. I am someone who is known to call on birthdays, but also out of the blue just to check in and connect. I have developed rich, life-long relationships with people at Heritage and seek to bless them however I can. I love to serve all people, not just family and friends. I am on the lookout to help people that God brings my way and I am known as someone who is generous with their time and attention, really listening well to others and making them feel heard and understood. I am someone that others experience the love of Christ through.

Big Goal for This Year

Schedule quality time with people to build them up and connect with them in the Lord, and establish a habit of sending out personal notes.

Beginning Status

QUITE GOOD It is interesting how the first part of Season 4 has very much felt like it’s own season! Everything that happened before that feels like a lifetime ago. Despite this, the relationships in my life have never been stronger. My relationship with Heidi is good, as is with my kids and also Kent and Sheereen. The strain has indeed brought us closer together. My relationships at Heritage and with friends are also good, but I have not been very intentional to reach out due to just feeling like we have been in survival mode for months.

Staying on Track and Celebrating Progress

It was fun to go out with Andy and Jen, as well as Courtney and Chrissy during the last season. We really enjoyed making it a priority to go out with new people and deepen our relationships. Summer was really fun, and even during the first part of Season 4 our relationships, especially with Kent and Sheereen thanks to counseling have improved. Men’s Retreat was an awesome time of connecting too. I also have deepened relationships in my monthly Theology group as well as my Soul Care groups. My relationships are really strong as I go into part 2 of season 4 and I am incredibly thankful.

Main Focus

Begin to establish the habit of writing personal notes to people once a week on Fridays.

Specific Commitments

I will write at least one note of encouragement or thanks to someone I know every Friday


Lord help me to establish a system or routine that regularly helps me focus on others and be blessing to them