Life Account:


Objective: Creating and Publishing Content Regularly


Context: Timeline, Blog, Courses and Personal Posts

Context: Creative Apps: WordPress, Final Cut Pro, Lightroom, SmugMug, Vimeo

Ideal State is the legacy of everything that I have learned and loved about life made available for others to enjoy and benefit from. It is filled with all kinds of things that I am passionate about and love sharing. There are courses, blog posts, reflections, tutorials and years of really helpful content that people can use when wanting to use technology and productivity well, and in a way that will help them grow in their sanctification and Christlikeness. It is also great to have our life archived in photos and videos on my timeline. My friends and family are incredibly blessed to be able to find and enjoy our life's memories there. I am an expert at the software applications that matter most to advancing the kingdom of God. Whether it is WordPress, Final Cut Pro, Lightroom or any other essential app, I am continually learning and improving my skills to become better. My Apple devices and my mastery of these creative apps that I love allow me to reach people and create things that I could never do on my own, and thus bless God and others.

Big Goal for This Year

I will have at least 12 blog posts published varying from personal posts or tutorials, and I will have updated my timeline back to 2016.

Beginning Status

I made some really good progress on my website, and published a ton of timeline posts. I got all the way up to December and I have not touched it since then, so I am very eager to get back to my timeline, but also get begin work on the other parts of the site, especially the blog. The word "sanctification" was the key thought that I have been missing when it came to the vision for my blog. I love tech and productivity, but wanted to give a God-oriented angle. Seeing how tech and productivity are part of our sanctification process in this age is an exciting area to begin writing about. I also have established my systems well, but not updated them the way that I would like. Lightroom has all my photos, but I am still needing to organize them. Final Cut Pro has my video, but the same status applies. I am optimistic that 2019 will allow me the necessary time and margin to move these forward. Trello has been amazing for helping me see the big picture of all that I am managing.

Staying on Track and Celebrating Progress

There was some definite improvement in the capture process last season. I feel really good about where I want things to live. Thoughts and tutorials live on my blog, photos live in Lightroom CC, Videos live in Final Cut Pro, I share them on my timeline. I feel that the clarity about the vision of my blog (technology and productivity within sanctification) was another moment of progress in my Creativity account last season. So there is some progress, but I am not nearly as organized and updates as I hoped I would be.

Main Focus

Create a clear plan for the website in Trello including the structure of the website as well as specific ideas for blog posts and other content I want on the site.

Specific Commitments

Update my Ideal Week with protected time to work on my website, as well as create a weekly publishing goal that keeps me accountable


Lord, give me clarity and initiative on my website that it may be a blessing to you, to the church and to the world as well.