Life Account:


Objective: Becoming Who God Desires for Me to Be


Context: Self Care: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Rest, Fun, Margin

Context: Learning: Personal Growth, Productivity, Ministry, Technology

Ideal State

I am someone who takes care of myself well because I know that in order to truly serve others and make the most of this life that God has given to me, I need to be healthy in every way, and I am. My body is lean and fit, I have a doable exercise routine in place and I am always getting stronger. I have healthy self-talk habits and feed myself positive ideas every day. I have space to breathe and reflect. My connection to God is strong and sweet because of my strong prayer life and actively seeking God in all that I do every day. I fight to make time with God because I know how valuable it is. I delight to be in the presence of God regularly. I enjoy life, play, go to concerts, play tennis and know how to get sufficient rest. I protect my sleep and get to bed early, knowing that good sleep is the foundation of a healthy routine, and it sets me up to be at my best every day.

Big Goal for This Year

I will be more fit and strong than I am now. I will have lost weight, built muscle and developed a consistent routine of workouts and healthy eating. I will also improve my self-talk and overall awareness of the nearness of God.

Beginning Status

PRETTY BAD: Despite breaking my toe the night before I was going to kick-start my new workout routine, I am still as excited to get focused and develop a workout routine. I have gained back all the weight that I lost in 2017, and now I am ready to work hard and lose it again and keep it off. My self-talk is an area that has gotten much worse and I am not sure why. Need to take that before the Lord. My margin has actually been pretty good, though despite a very full Season 4 of 2018. As I sit here on our Sabbath retreat, it feels like this really is the beginning of the year, emotionally. The 20 Year Video took up most of my focus so far this year and now I am ready to re-calibrate. This Sabbath retreat could not have come at a better time. It is great to taste a bit of rest and reflection again.

Staying on Track and Celebrating Progress

I intended to get in shape over the holidays and I definitely did not! With the exhaustion of the holidays and the adjustment with Glenn, I really didn't have much of a healthy routine at all. I did do some learning, and some workouts, but there was no real consistency to any of it. This year has already started off better than last season.

Main Focus

Staying positive and active even though I can't work out to my fullest yet. Continue to eat healthy, get to bed early, work out in the mornings and do my prayer walks

Specific Commitments

Choose the healthy option when eating out, fight to get to bed between 9:30 and 10pm every night so I can wake up at 4:45 and be working out by 5. Pause my workday at 12:30 and go on a prayer walk


Lord, thank you for the life that you have given to me. Please help me to see my health as a gift from you, and be intentional to be as healthy as possible as an act of gratitude and worship to you