Life Account:


Objective: Teaching and Discipling Others in Christ


Context: Heritage: Planning, Teaching, Serving, Creative Projects

Context: YouCanLearntheBible: Writing, Recording, Publishing, Sharing, Updating

Ideal State

I make Heritage a better place. I help others know and love their Bibles better, and in doing so, know and love God deeper. I have invested years into helping our people go deeper in Christ. All of our lives have been blessed tremendously because of my investment into Heritage. Apart from teaching and discipling, I am available to jump in and serve when needed, to give my time to people, and just love them well. Not only is our church trained theologically, but we have learned to love the Spirit of God and seek to please God by living holy lives together. is thriving! It used by people all over the world as a way to get access to engaging, high-quality biblical training that is not available in quite the same way anywhere else. People love my Bible courses. They go through them, share them, and my teaching ministry has been able to bless people I have never met because of them. My YouTube and Vimeo channels are active, and I constantly get emails and comments of how people appreciate my teaching content. It is the legacy of a lifetime of teaching God’s Word made available for anyone to benefit from. I am regularly adding new content and keeping the site updated and maintained.

Big Goal for This Year

I will have taught through the entire book of Hebrews at Heritage, finished the loose ends of all other courses that I have already begun on, and begun creating the online course for Hebrews as well as constantly share content from my website.

Beginning Status

I am not sure how much better things could be for me at Heritage. What a blessing to even say that! Teaching through Galatians was a delight, and took a lot out of me. It was the first series that I did completely in Final Cut Pro and I learned so much through that process. By doing the writing (notes) along with the video content, it really allowed me get all of the thinking and creating done at the same time. Of course, the process of creating an online course out of Galatians is on pause, as is the rest of my past courses in one way or another. Due to having to re-create the Christmas Eve videos, the overall busyness of the Christmas season has placed another project in in the unfinished category. Thankfully, teaching Hebrews this season will not require visuals so I will have some time and space to catch up! YAY! Even though, I still have a lot of work to do, I am really feeling like this new schedule this year will allow me to focus more on Personal Ministry at Heritage on Wednesday Nights, at the same time not be nearly as demanding. I am very excited to know that every week I can work on my website, and not get backlogged for weeks or months. I even got a raise to start the year, which was unexpected and overwhelming.

Staying on Track and Celebrating Progress

I intended to teach through the book of Galatians, which I did and it went really well, and I did get caught up on some of the backlog of my other Courses, but in total, I didn't make much more progress on getting courses finished. I was able to re-do the Christmas videos for our Christmas service, which turned out very well, but my Courses have felt very much on pause for awhile thanks to the Christmas videos, and then the Heritage Christian Fellowship 20 Year Video after that.

Main Focus

Establish a holy tone for our Wednesday Night Bible Studies that we may really help people seek God, and establish time each week to work on Hebrews as well as my website action items

Specific Commitments

Make a new weekly Ministry plan where I am able to protect time to focus on studying and preparing to teach Hebrews, as well as time each week where I focus on getting my website where it needs to be


Lord, please do great and mighty things in our church during these months. Bring is to our knees in honor and reverence of your glory and majesty. Help us to grow deeper