Life Account:


Objective: Keeping my Life Systems Updated and Optimized


Context: Household: Groceries, Laundry, Paperwork, Projects, Cleanliness

Context: GTD: Apps, Files, Planning, Review, Calendar, Email and Projects

Ideal State

All of my life systems at home are in great shape, both digital and physical. Our house is organized and only has things that we need and use. We regularly donate things that we no longer need and we know where everything that we have is located. Our weekly routine keeps the house clean, organized, stocked and optimized to offer us the best quality of life possible. All of my digital files are organized, searchable and backed up. All of my media, projects and documents are in place and optimized. I have an established routine for life planning and reflection that keeps me on track for the kind of life that I want to have. My life plan is updated quarterly, and my weekly and daily journals help me stay focused on the most important things that God has for me. My tasks, projects and commitments are well-managed. They allow me to zoom back and review all areas of my life so I can make the wisest choices possible with my time and attention. My intentional approach to life allows me to and remain joyful knowing that it allows me my best energy and effort to give the most important things in life.

Big Goal for This Year

We will be in a new home and be completely settled in, I will have stayed true to keeping my Maintenance Day's protected and maximized, keeping my life organized and will be even better at workflow management than I am today.

Beginning Status

Household is overall pretty good. I feel that I did a great job supporting and partnering with Heidi during the very rough second half of 2018. The Joshua Drive house is better than it has been since we moved in and hopefully it will sell soon. It was very difficult to keep up with my Life Plan this last season. Normally I do Season 1's Life Plan in December but this year was just too full and didn't accommodate it. I am glad to be doing this update relatively early in 2019, though still later than I wanted. To be honest, it kind of feels like Christmas break is just ending now as I just finished the Heritage 20 Year Video and now begin to really look into 2019 and plan. I have made some organizational changes with my files and media that still need to be finished, so they are kind of in flux. I moved my projects to Trello and have really liked that, keeping Things for smaller tasks. Overall, I am feeling better about the way that things are set up and the systems I have in place, but still need to complete the transition with many of them.

Staying on Track and Celebrating Progress

Of all the accounts from last season, this one is the most on-track. The house is on the market, it is greatly minimized and cleaned out, and overall I have kept up with the Maintenance of my life pretty well. We have also sold off some jewelry, guns, and some coins! It feels good to have things crossed off the list and this season, we hope to really make some more progress on moving forward into the next season of our lives.

Main Focus

Work as hard as possible to purge and sell the Joshua Drive house, to find a new house and move, and in all that, keep my physical and digital systems updated and optimized

Specific Commitments

Get clear on all of the projects and commitments I have, where they are at, what needs to be done with each of them and make plan that allows me to work on them each week


Lord, please bring us the right buyer for the Joshua Drive house and please lead us to the right house that will optimize our lives for the kingdom of God.