Life Account:


Objective: Investing in the Lives of Others


Context: Family & Friends: Heidi, Marley & Blaise, Martins, Quirks, Core Friends

Context: Church & Community: HCF Friends, Congregation, Neighbors, Homeless

Ideal State

I love to serve others, it is my joy. I am proactive to seek the benefit and well-being of others. I know that relationships make life the sweetest and I am intentional to add value to other's lives. My primary focus goes to my family, first Heidi, then Marley and Blaise. I am a good friend. I am someone who is known to call on birthdays, but also out of the blue just to check in and connect. I have developed rich, life-long relationships with people at Heritage and seek to bless them however I can. I am someone who adds value to their lives. I love to serve all people, not just family and friends. I am on the lookout to help people that God brings my way and I am known as someone who is generous with their time and attention, really listening well to others and making them feel heard and understood. I am someone that others experience the love of Christ through.

Big Goal for This Year

I will have made significant progress at intentional relationship building. I will have mailed numerous personal notes, and we will have scheduled and attended events or date nights with people that we want to get to know better, as well as people we already love being with.

Beginning Status

Things with Heidi are very good and I have been very intentional to do everything I can to serve her. I really feel like this has been great last season and really all of last year. She has been very eager to serve and partner with me, as well. Things with the kids are good in the trust, consistency and love categories. We are always there in their lives, loving and leading them. It was very difficult to be intentional to disciple them and this is something I want to improve on this year. We have a good foundation, but it needs to be built on more. My church relationships are really good as well. Last year, we continued to connect and do life with the wonderful people at Heritage Christian Fellowship. Getting to know and mentor Adam has been a specific blessing. Our teamwork and co-management of the Martin Family Legacy with Kent and Sheereen is at a really good place, as well. Deciding to see a counselor together has been incalculably beneficial in our communication, trust and understanding. That was truly one of the big wins of 2018. Glenn's heath continues to decline and this will probably be our last year with him. It was great to reconnect with my cousins after literally decades. Reaching out to the homeless was an area that was weak for me this year and hope to improve it going forward.

Staying on Track and Celebrating Progress

I intended to begin a new habit of writing personal notes to people on Fridays, and it just never happened. I was able to see and connect with my family over Christmas, but my hope of becoming more of an intentional, thoughtful person via person notes simply did not happen. Thankfully, my overall Relationships and connections definitely strengthened last season, especially with Adam, but the Personal Notes did not.

Main Focus

Set up a number of date nights with Heidi, as well as with new people this quarter. Send out at least 10 personal notes to by people by the end of March

Specific Commitments

Buy some bulk cards from Amazon, update my Trello boards with the people I want to write to and write one note each Friday before getting to my Maintenance work


Lord, please help me to be only an asset and a help to those people in my life. Help me to be more aware of others' needs and intentional to reach out and love them like you do