Life Account:


Objective: Pursuing the Best Version of Myself


Context: Self Care: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Rest, Fun, Margin

Context: Learning: Personal Growth, Productivity, Ministry, Technology

Ideal State

I am someone who takes care of myself well because I know that in order to truly serve others and make the most of this life that God has given to me, I need to be healthy in every way, and I am. My body is lean and fit, I have a doable exercise routine in place and I am always getting stronger. I have healthy self-talk habits and feed myself positive ideas every day. I have space to breathe and reflect. My connection to God is strong and sweet because of my strong prayer life and actively seeking God in all that I do every day. I fight to make time with God because I know how valuable it is. I delight to be in the presence of God regularly. I enjoy life, play, go to concerts, play tennis and know how to get sufficient rest. I protect my sleep and get to bed early, knowing that good sleep is the foundation of a healthy routine, and it sets me up to be at my best every day. I am constantly learning. I love learning and sharing what I learn. I have a regular reading routine set up as well as making most of the small slivers of time that life gives me to read and learn. I have clear boundaries around the things that distract me the most and they don't interfere with the more important time that I spend diving deep into a book, podcast or course. Every year I continue to grow in my knowledge, wisdom and skills.

Big Goal for This Year

I will be significantly more fit and strong than I was at the beginning of 2019. I will have lost weight, built muscle and developed a consistent routine of workouts and healthy eating. I will also improve my self-talk and overall awareness of the nearness of God.

Beginning Status

INCREDIBLE! Season 1 of 2019 has been, without a doubt the best Season for my Health account probably ever! Despite breaking my toe at the very beginning of this season, I am entering Season 2 with a 6-week streak of 4 or 5 mornings a week doing a high-intensity workout at the Camp. This is craziness. I don't think I have ever been so faithful to working out in my life as I am as I begin Season 2 of 2019. Heidi and I have really gotten into a routine together and both of us are starting to see changes. I am noticeably stronger as I begin Season 2 than I was at the beginning of Season 1. It feels amazing to begin this Season with a ton of positive momentum in an account that has traditionally been a struggle for me. Love it! The Learning component of my Health account is ok, but pretty flaky and scattered. I am just not reading and studying like I want to be. I am not making it a priority, which is ok because I wanted my workouts to really get dialed in and they are. So now that working out has achieved a new normal that we are faithfully keeping up, the next thing I want to do is figure out a way to carve out some better-protected learning time on a regular basis.

Staying on Track and Celebrating Progress

YES!: For the first time in as long as I can remember I did a great job of doing what I set out to do: get a solid exercise routine in place. As I enter Season 2 I have an 8-week streak of 4-5 workouts per week going. This is a big improvement for me and I am stoked that I have been able to keep this up, despite starting out the year with a broken toe.

Main Focus

Continue to work out 5x a week, and now begin to focus on my eating more intentionally. I probably need to re-join WeightWatchers to really see myself get more fit.

Specific Commitments

Rejoin WeightWatchers and build the habit of tracking my food again, continue to get to bed by 9:30pm so that we can attend the 5am class each week


Lord, thank you for the Camp and the people there! Help me to continue to be a witness to You however I can there, and to keep my temple in excellent working order to honor You.