Life Account:


Objective: Teaching and Discipling Others in Christ


Context: Heritage: Planning, Teaching, Serving, Creative Projects

Context: YouCanLearntheBible: Writing, Recording, Publishing, Sharing, Updating

Ideal State

I make Heritage a better place. I help others know and love their Bibles better, and in doing so, know and love God deeper. I have invested years into helping our people go deeper in Christ. My mid-week Bible Study is a place where people truly connect with each other and with God. People really learn the Word of God in rich and dynamic ways and experience His love for them through my teaching. Apart from teaching and discipling, I am always contributing to our church needs however I can. Our systems allow us to serve our people with excellence and I regularly help make them better. People see me as some who always adds value. I am example of someone who has a sharp mind, a tender heart, a hard work ethic and positive, joyful spirit. is thriving! All of the course content I have ever built is on there to bless the church. It is the portfolio of my life's work and it used by people all over the world as a way to get access to engaging, high-quality biblical training that is not available in quite the same way anywhere else. People love my Bible courses. They go through them, share them, and my teaching ministry has been able to bless people I have never met because of them. My YouTube and Vimeo channels are active, and I constantly get emails and comments of how people appreciate my teaching content. It is the legacy of a lifetime of teaching God’s Word made available for anyone to benefit from. I am regularly adding new content and keeping the site updated and maintained.

Big Goal for This Year

I will have taught through the entire book of Hebrews at Heritage, finished the loose ends of all other courses that I have already begun on, and begun creating the online course for Hebrews as well as constantly share content from my website.

Beginning Status

AWESOME: Last season we began a new Wednesday Night Bible Study that I lead and it has turned into a wonderful mid-week gathering of believers. We have really begun to develop our own community and I love how I have been able to set and expectation of Christ-centered worship and focused, yet delightful and thorough Bible Teaching. We have now gone 10 weeks through the Book of Hebrews and we are really hitting a groove. The attendance seems to remain strong and people really seem to be enjoying it a lot. I must say that for me, it has been a tremendous blessing because the work load is so much less from a preparation standpoint. Not doing any visuals has really freed me up to be able to attack all of the unfinished tasks from my previous Courses. This season was absolutely awesome in allowing me to finish up lots and lots of loose ends from The Complete Bible Overview. I finished publishing and organizing 145 videos into YouTube playlists and have succeeded in writing lots of missing course notes, as well. I was able to finish everything for Part 1 and I enter Season 2 having 1 of 6 modules done, with just writing out the course notes to finish. Trello has been incredible for me in helping me track this process. We also launched our app and have begun to transition to using Planning Center People for everything and it is going awesome so far. We are just learning about workflows and trying to get all of our people into the system. has not make many changes in the layout department, but getting all of these course notes has been the focus and I made a ton of progress last season! Woo-Hoo!!

Staying on Track and Celebrating Progress

ABSOLUTELY!: Wednesday Nights have been an incredible success, exactly what I was hoping for. After 3 months, we are still going strong, and each week is a thorough, holy seeking of God through His Word, through worship and prayer. Apart from the great Ministry that has occurred as a result of this Bible Study, it has given me much needed space to work hard on the backlog of unfinished items from my previous courses. I was able to write many course notes, publish all 145 videos from The Complete Bible Overview to YouTube and really make some good progress. Great to feel like I really followed through on what I wanted to do.

Main Focus

Continue to teach Hebrews with passion and disciple people in the Lord, as well as protect time to write and format all the remaining notes for The Complete Bible Overview Parts 2 and 3

Specific Commitments

Focus hard to get my Hebrews Bible Studies and any other Teaching commitments handled early on in the week and spend the rest of the week writing TCBO notes


Lord, let me work unto you with excellence and may my efforts at Heritage and with yield an amazing fruit of discipleship and growth in people's lives