Life Account:


Objective: Keeping my Life Systems Updated and Optimized


Context: Household: Finances, Groceries, Laundry, Paperwork, Projects, Cleanliness

Context: GTD: Apps, Files, Planning, Review, Calendar, Email and Projects

Ideal State

All of my life systems at home are in great shape, both digital and physical. Our house is organized and only has things that we need and use. We regularly donate things that we no longer need and we know where everything that we have is located. Our weekly routine keeps the house clean, organized, stocked and optimized to offer us the best quality of life possible. All of my digital files are organized, searchable and backed up. All of my media, projects and documents are in place and optimized. I have an established routine for life planning and reflection that keeps me on track for the kind of life that I want to have. My life plan is updated quarterly, and my weekly and daily journals help me stay focused on the most important things that God has for me. My tasks, projects and commitments are well-managed. They allow me to zoom back and review all areas of my life so I can make the wisest choices possible with my time and attention. My intentional approach to life allows me to and remain joyful knowing that it allows me my best energy and effort to give the most important things in life. I love having my systems in order, but my peace does not come from perfect systems, it comes from Christ. My life systems are a means to help me accomplish my best potential in life in Christ and to be fully present to what is before me each day.

Big Goal for This Year

We will have sold the Ranch and bought a new investment property as well as made Joshua Drive our own, completely remodeling the inside. I will have stayed true to keeping my Maintenance Days and developed a regular routine of solid productivity and margin.

Beginning Status

BIG PROGRESS! This Season has seen some big-time progress on our life management. We put the Joshua drive house on the market, and then later learning that the wiser move would be to keep the house ourselves and buy out Kent and Sheereen of their half. This is now our plan, and as we enter Season 2 we are in negotiations about how to make that work. We also met with Tim and put the Ranch on the market! Whoa! That was a huge move that might not take as much time to sell as we originally thought, which is crazy. We were able to sell off lots of valuable items during the previous season, which was awesome and we keep making progress in managing Glenn's care needs as well as his estate as best as we can. My own systems are ok, with some parts working well, and others needing work. I am not finished organizing my archives out of DEVONthink and into KeepIt, but I did make some progress. I feel that Heidi and I continue to serve each other and get things done for our family. Being that we have had to manage Glenn's stuff on top of our own, I'd say that we did pretty well last Season and we enter this season with incredible momentum. Excited to see what Season 2 will bring!

Staying on Track and Celebrating Progress

ALSO GOOD, BUT NOT HOW WE THOUGHT: So we started the year with a clear plan to sell the Joshua Drive house and then decided that it would be better to keep it and make it ours. I feel that I have also not been able to make the kind of progress on my own systems due to managing lots of estate-related stuff on my Maintenance Days. We also were able to list the Ranch, which I didn't think we would get to and it looks very likely that it might sell this season! Wow!

Main Focus

Continue to partner with Kent and Sheereen about all of the Estate action items, and protect time each Friday morning to keep my systems updated and optimized

Specific Commitments

Stay proactive and in communication about all of the Estate needs we have with the team, finish laundry each Thursday nights so I can focus on other things on Friday


Lord, thank you for the stewardship you have given us to manage in this estate. Help us to manage all parts with the Spirit of God as the leader, and help our choices to be made with wisdom and discernment in all ways. We know that all we have is yours, so help us to be good stewards of it all. Amen!!