Life Account:


Objective: Investing in the Lives of Others


Context: Family & Friends: Heidi, Marley & Blaise, Martins, Quirks, Core Friends

Context: Church & Community: HCF Friends, Congregation, Neighbors, Homeless

Ideal State

I love to serve others and build them up. It is my joy. I am proactive to seek the benefit and well-being of others, and to celebrate and encourage them. I know that relationships are what make life its very richest and I am intentional to add value to other's lives every day, however I can. I look people in the eye and smile, hoping to connect with them and make them feel noticed and valuable. My primary focus goes to my family, first Heidi, then Marley and Blaise. I am to give them the best of myself as much as I can. I am a good friend. I am someone who is known to call on birthdays, check in and connect without needing a reason, and send people notes of encouragement regularly. I have developed rich, life-long relationships with people at Heritage and seek to bless them however I can. I am someone who is on the lookout to build people up and add value to their lives. I am to be fully present with anyone that God brings my way, and I am known as someone who is positive, fun, encouraging and generous with their time and attention. When people spend time with me, they feel heard and understood. I am someone that others experience the love of Christ through, and someone who makes others feel and experience the value and worth that God has given them.

Big Goal for This Year

I will have made significant progress at intentional relationship building. I will have mailed numerous personal notes, and we will have scheduled and attended events or date nights with people that we want to get to know better, as well as people we already love being with.

Beginning Status

STRONG, SURPRISINGLY FUN, BUT SAFE: What has definitely worked so far this year is being intentional to have date nights with Heidi, with the kids, but also with people that we want to get to know better and spend time with. We went out with the Pinsons during this last season, and have connected with Anthony and Maggie, as well. We have plans to go out with the Meiers which fell off the calendar last year. It just feels like we are being much more proactive to contact our friends and put something on the calendar. I have not had the kind of progress in sending out personal handwritten notes to people, however. I only sent 1 during Season 1 and hoping to have more time on Fridays to write more this coming Season. I really feel like I am not doing very well at reaching out to people who are outside of my normal circle, however. I haven't been to Mary's Kitchen in months and haven't done really anything to serve the poor like I want to. So I do feel like we are doing great at strengthening our home base and making great connections with people in our lives, but the intentional love of Christ for the "least of these" is an area I want to grow in. I must say, though, that the most fun and exciting new development in my Relationships account is the new relationships we have made at the Camp. Showing up every day has really helped us get to know Melanie, Clara, Humberto, Blanca, Ally and not to mention the trainers. We are really becoming regulars there and getting to know people as well, which has been surprisingly fun and joyful.

Staying on Track and Celebrating Progress

YES AND NO: We have done really well at being intentional to reach out and set up date nights with people. We have already gone out with the Pinsons and others, and have plans to continue going out with other friends already lined up for Season 2. I did not do nearly as well at sending out Personal cards as I wanted to. Fridays really got filled up fast, and I have just not had the time to sit down and write notes like I wanted. Much of the time went toward selling jewelry, and coins, as well as many other one-time, estate related tasks. I really hope to improve this in Season 2.

Main Focus

Continue to reach out to people and put date nights or events on the calendar that connect us to people that we want to know better this season, and protect time to write and mail Personal notes

Specific Commitments

Enjoy the date nights we have planned, as well as plan at least 2 more nights to connect with people. Write and mail 5 personal notes this season


Lord, continue to open up doors to connect with people's lives that I might share the great love of Christ with them and help them connect with You in a deeper way.