Make the Most of Your Life in Christ

Hey! I am Pastor Bodie Quirk of Heritage Christian Fellowship in Orange, CA. and online Course Builder.

Too Many Christians are Just Drifting Through Life

Nobody ever sets out to drift. But many do.
My goal is to help you fight the drift and live a life of significance
The World is Against Us

Everything that we experience in our culture today is designed to take our focus off of Christ and put it on something else

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Our Own Flesh Is Against Us

We don't even do the things that we set out to do. We get distracted, then we get discouraged, then we check out

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We Must Be Purposeful

The only way that we are going to become the people that God created us to be is by being purposeful and intentional.

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"If you are not intentional about pursuing Christ, then you are drifting"

The Dangers of Drifting:

You Don't Pray or Read God's Word
Your Relationships Suffer
The Wrong Things Become Too Important
What Really Matters in Life Goes Cold
You Feel Disconnected from God

Drifting is not laziness.
Drifting is not apathy.
Drifting is not burnout.

It is forgetting the goal.

It doesn't have to be this way. Drifting is 100% avoidable

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I want to help
you fight the drift
and life a life
of significance

Our Goal

Make the Impact You Were Created to Make

Everything we create is aimed toward helping you achieve one of these three goals:
Know God's Word
Become a More Confident Student of Scripture
Bible Training
Live with Purpose
Live a More Intentional and Focused Christian Life
Life Planning
Get Things Done
Make the Most of Your Time, Tools, and Technology
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